Possible representatives for Eurovision 2016 from Slovakia, part 2

Yesterday, we started our story about possible Slovak representatives for Eurovision 2016 in Sweden. Today we continue with...
Jana Kirschner! She started career in 1996 as a participant of the beauty pageant Miss Slovakia 1996. In the same year she released her debut album. Her second album "V cudzom meste" was born in 2000. The album became one of the biggest selling records of the year in Slovakia. Later that year, Jana was awarded "gold" at the Slávik Awards. She was also nominated in 11 categories at the Aurel Awards.
In the year 2001 Jana concentrated her efforts for a time in Czech Republic. Succes with her single "Modrá" soon gained her notoriety. In the same year she collaborated with Slovak singer Miro Žbirka and with Czech composer Petr Hapka. They released song "Bude mi lehká zem".
In 2002, her song "Na čiernom koni" recieved a lot of awards and nominations and became a top-selling song in Slovakia in that year.
In 2005, Jana moved to London to record english language album "Shine" with producer Ross Collum.
2009 saw the release of the film "Pokoj v duši". Jana was asked to compose and record the theme song. It has become Jana´s most played and enjoyed hits, winning in a category Song of the decade, by the listeners of leading Slovak radio station Expres.
In 2010 Jana released her next album, called "Krajina Rovina" in collaboration with british producer and Jana´s future husband, Eddie Stevens.  The album marked another sea change in her musical direction. "A step into the unknow" it has been dubbed, Krajina Rovina hovers near, to some, masterpiece status, it's acoustic/electric/electronic hybrid pastoral sounds and landscapes reflecting a clear and honest lyrical reverie on the land of her home. Perhaps the final fruition of her London experience summarised above.
 Jana and Eddie's collaboration continues to this day with the two part project, "Moruša". Part 1, "Biela," was released in November 2013, Part 2, "Čierna," on the 27th October, 2014. Based around a two week recording at Czech Republic's Sono Studios, Moruša was written as a musical adventure through time – one based firmly in Central Europe. It hopes to reflect the region's musical pedigree and offer a future possible direction.
 To this day, Jana released 9 albums. Awards- Grammy Slovakia (1997), OTO Award in category Female singer (2000, 2008, 2009, 2010), Aurel Award in category Best female vocal performance ( 2003, 2007).
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                                                                     song "Na čiernom koni"                                                          

                                                               song "Pokoj v duši"

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