Possible representatives for Eurovision 2016! From Slovakia

If Slovakia will compete again, after three-years break, who could represent us in Stockholm? Read more.

Miro Žbirka
Miro Žbirka is a Slovak pop music singer and songwriter. He performs in Slovak, Czech and English. In the late 1970´s, Žbirka co-founded two Czechoslovak pop music bands, Modus and Limit.
In 1982, he recieved annual Zlatý Slávik award, for the best male singer in Czechoslovakia. He repeated this achievement in the Slovak annual Slávik award, in 2002, 2004 and 2005.
In 1977 he won his first award, Bratislavska lýra, for the song "Úsmev", with band Modus. In 1982, he won in Austria two awards (HITRADIO O3 and Villach Music Festival) with "The love song". Another Bratislavská lýra award came in 1983, with song "Nechodí". Then he won Aurel award in 2002, together with czech singer Martha in category Song of the year with "Čo bolí, to prebolí". In 2006 he was inducted to the Hall of fame. Žbirka won 7 times OTO award in category Best Male singer. His greatest hits are "Balada o poľných vtákoch" and "Atlantída".

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