EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Glen Vella

Glen Vella represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany. Here is an interview with Glen, 3 years after participation.
OGAESK- Hello Glen, thank you for your time. It´s summer, how do you spend these months?
GV- Thank you, too. Summer time is the best season for, I really like summer and I ´ll try to relax and enjoys the sun and the sea in the best possible ways. It also brings along a lot of singing commitments, but I´ ll manage to do combine everything with good scheduling ;)

OGAESK- You was a representative of Malta in Eurovision 2011. How it was?
GV- Yes! It was a great experience and looking back I don´t regret anything. I would go for milion times and thanks to Eurovision I manages to visit up to four countries a year after a my year of contest to perform my music.

OGAESK- You finished 11th. Were you disappointed?
GV- I don´t say it was a disappointment, I say it was meant to be ;) I did my job well, than voting was not in my hands ;)
OGAESK- Do you have some new music for your fans, maybe tour in Europe?
GV- I released a snog called "Lie" and another house music track called "Louder" which one can find them on Itunes and curently working on my new single. My next stop is in Sweden in mid August followed by London in September.

OGAESK- Have you ever been here in Slovakia.
GV- No unfortunately, I have never been :( And yes, I love to travel and hopefully I should visit your country in the upcoming months.

OGAESK- Would you like to represent Malta again?
GV- Already said it before, I do as longs as I belive in a very good songs.

Thank you again!

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