Interview wth Takasa (Switzerland)

Here is our fourth interview this year. We are really glad that the group Takasa, representing Switzerland, found time to answer our questions.

What does it mean to all of you to represent Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest and why did  you decide to compete in swiss national selection?  
- The Salvation Army has a long tradition in music and is used to different kinds of venues. The Band is  as happy playing their music on the street as they are in church, as comfortable in a prison as they are in the Federal Parliament Building. Takasa’s journey will now take them this tradition to the 2013  Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. 
We feel honoured. We think that the group represents Switzerland well but also meets the sympathy of  other nations and cultures.
What are your expectations at Eurovision?  
-We hope to be part of a big celebration and want to contribute something valuable. The ESC gathers
people with common interests like friendship, joy, a passion for music and the vision to create
something bigger. 
Our goal is to enter the final. Apart of that we want to enjoy a great musical and cultural adventure.
We have already seen the official video for your song "You and me". Can you tell us something
more about making of the video?
-We had to create a new video after we adapted our name from “Heilsarmee” to “Takasa”. While the
first video was more of a music video the second one rather integrates the message of the song.
Being friends with a common goal.

What other promo activities are you planning before ESC?  
-We have a strong online appearance and a newsletter. Visit: and,

Have you already heard some of the songs from another countries? Which one (or more) do you
like the most?
-We first make our minds up for our semi final. As soon as we (hopefully) will make it to the final we will  think about the other candidtes.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?
- A better world begins with every individual person and the will to build long lasting relationships. That’s  the message of our song and we hope it will pass across Europe. Please help us to do so.

Thank you, Takasa, for your answers and good luck in Malmo!


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