Interview with Hannah Mancini from Slovenia!

Hannah Mancini, originally from the USA, has been living in Slovenia and working in music industry there for six years.. She participated in Slovenian national selection for Eurovision 2011 and was internally selected to represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2013 in Malmo.

What does it mean to you being chosen by RTVSLO to represent Slovenia even when you´re not originally from Slovenia?
- It means a lot and is a big honor for me to be chosen. I’ve lived here for some years, now, and have been actively involved in the music scene, here, so I didn’t just appear from no where, but it was still a wonderful surprise to be chosen this year.
What are your expectations in Malmo?
- I think we have a strong song and I believe we’ll do well. I expect to have a wonderful time enjoying the festival what ever happens.
We have already seen promo video for your song "Straight into Love". What other promo actions are you planning?
- We will do an official video as well as soon as possible. Straight into Love was just finished so we didn’t have as much time to prepare these things as maybe some other countries. But we are looking forward to getting that out and also doing some promotional performances.
Have you already heard some of this year´s eurovision songs from other countries? If yes, which one do you like the most?
- So far my favorite is from Norway.
Do you remember some eurovision songs from Slovakia? Would you like to see Slovakia back at Eurovision?
- I do remember the TWiiNS from few years ago and definately it would be great to see Slovakia back at Eurovision.:)
Lastly, would you like to say something to you fans?
- I would just like to say I appreciate your support so much. We are going to put together something very exciting for our song’s performance and I promise not to let you down in Malmo!

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