Interview with Sunstroke Project from Moldova

First of all, huge congratulations on your participation at the upcoming Eurovision in Kyiv. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us something more about you? For example, where and how did you meet or who came with the idea to create this kind of  band.

Sunstroke Project is an unique musical project from Moldova is know for unusual mix of lyric violin, jazz saxofophone and magic vocal. The team was created in 2008, but it works in the final composition from November 2009. In 2010 SSP represented Moldova at ESC in Norway, Oslo. In 2011 in LA on the WCOPA we won 13 gold medals and became the best instrumental-vocal project of the world. These days we are finishing our second album and preparing to represent Moldova at ESC 2017.

We know, that you’ve participated on Moldova’s national selection 5 times (including this year). What do Eurovision and this participation mean to you?

For us Eurovision is one of the brightest events of any year as our career began with participation in this tender in Oslo. For us it not only a unique opportunity to carry to the listener our musical material, but also an opportunity to participate in one of the brightest musical events of year.

What made you to decide to get back to Eurovision and when did you decide to participate again?

Three years in a row we did not get to final. As experienced participants this year we will represent Moldova and hope to return to its former glory. How long have you been working on the song? (When did you start to compose it did it take a lot of time) We didnt prepare musical composition especially for Eurovision, we wrote this track for finishing of our second solo album. And as soon as we finished it we understood that it is ideal under the Eurovision format. Also we wrote it quickly enough, because when there is an inspiration, music is born by itself.

Are there any differences between this year participation and 2010 when you participated with Olia Tira?

Certainly it is. When we participated in 2010 we were young and the a lot of nuances didnt know. And today we are already skilled actors who have visited almost whole world and we know what can surprise and please public.

Do you think that Hey Mamma will succeed more than Run Away?

We sincerely hope that Hey Mamma will become the real hit. It is impossible to compare these compositions because Run Away has been written seven years ago. Musical trends constantly change every year. Today Hey Mamma completely corresponds musical tendencies of 2017.

Can you tell us the story behind your song „Hey Mamma“? What inspired you to write it?

Behind our new composition «Hey Mamma» stand the same things, as behind the others such as inspiration, good mood and of course work. Because each track for us is as our child and we want everybody to love it and appreciate it as we do. The main feature of composition is that it is executed with the most trendy arrangement.

Can you tell us more about your semifinal performance? Will it be the same as in national selection or are you planning to change it or you want to keep it secret yet? Because, this choreography you had in national selection is brilliant.

Anyway we will leave choreography because it is heart of a show. In the dance we tried to create the movement which would be same popular as the epic dance of Epic Sax Guy. And some special effects will be improved under scales of a scene of the Eurovision in Kiyiv.

Who is your all-time favourite Eurovision act/ entry?

As for favorites, for us, naturally our friend Alexander Rybak is out of the competition, and the representative from Belgium - Loic Nottet we like very much.  Well and of course Conchita Wurst made an indelible impression on us.

Have you heard any of the other participant’s songs of this year? Who is your favourite?

To be honest, we have been so plunged into preparation for national selection that we still had no time for listening to participants. But, having heard this question, we surely will return to this business and we will listen to them all.

What is your message to your fans in Czech Republic and Slovakia?

Dear our fans - Czechs and Slovaks, we sincerely hope that within our euro tour will be possibility to appear at least on your national television with our musical composition where we will be able to communicate and tell about ourselves. And as maximum, we hope to make several concerts where you will be able to enjoy not only our music, but also communication with us.

We are so thankful to Sunstroke Project boys for having time for us. We wish you all the best in Kyiv. :) 

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