Interview with Natália Kelly (Austria)

Despite her young age, Natália Kelly is already a successful singer in Austria. In February this year she won "Österreich rockt den Song Contest" with her song "Shine" gaining the right to represent Austria at Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. We are honored that Natália found time for interview.

Congratulations on winning austrian national final for Eurovision Song Contest. What does it mean to you to represent Austria at ESC and why did you decide to compete in the national selection? 
-Thank you :) To be part of the oldest and the biggest Music Competition in the world is a great honor. I love music, I enjoy being on the stage, I am a songwriter, I love to sing and I believe this is a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn more not only as a musician, but also as a person!
My producer Alexander Kahr asked me if I would like to take part of the Song Contest Pre-Selection. I thought about it and I decided to go to a meeting with the Selection Team to get more information. After speaking with them I signed up. Three weeks later they called me to let me know I was on the Pre Selection show. :) 

You are only 18 years old, yet you have been in music industry for many years. Can you tell us more about your career?
-Well when I was 8 years old I decided that I wanted to become a professional singer and since then I’ve participated in many projects and competitions: When I was 9 years old I won the 2. place in a Children’s Music Competion, after that I was in a Teenie Austro Pop band “Gimme5”and in the following years I performed in various shows, such as: Vienna Stadthalle and the Life Ball 2012, The Voice and now the Eurovision Song Contest! :)

What are your expectations in Malmo?
-My goal is to give the performance of my life filled with energy and to get as far as possible into the finals and to enjoy every second of this wonderful opportunity and simply "SHINE"!

You will literally open the ESC as you will be performing first in the 1st semifinal. Do you think it´s an advantage or disadvantage?
-To have the chance of being the opening act for the biggest music competition in the world is a great honor. And after that I have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the rest of show. :)

We have already seen the official video for your song "Shine". Can you tell us something more about making of the video?
-Well, for me it was just like the song: happy, uplifting and enthusiastic. I enjoyed the making of the video a lot because I got the chance to share those wonderful hours of hard work and fun with my friends and family. I'm also thankful for the great team!

Are you planning any promo activities before ESC?
-Yes, we are planning a little promotion tour around some European countries and we have confirmed London and Amsterdam. I would like to visit as many countries as possible so I could share my song Shine with everyone. I just don’t know if would be possible! :)

Do you plan any surprises or changes of the song for Malmo?
-The song itself won’t be changed but we are working on a new show concept and we will do the best of our abilities to present a wonderful show filled with energy and optimism! 

Have you already heard some of the songs from other countries? Which one (or more) do you like the most?
-I like Norway's, Slovenia’s, Ireland's, Denmark’s, Ukraine’s and Russia's songs but I just mentioned a few because there are so many great entries this year and they have really catchy tunes :) 

As you may know, Slovakia isn´t participating at ESC this year. Do you by any chance remember some of the slovak songs from other years? And would you like to see Slovakia back at Eurovision?
-Yes I know and I’m sorry about that! I remember last year’s entry Max Jason Mai with “Don’t close your eyes”. I really like this song.
Yes, it would be a pleasure to see Slovakia back at the Eurovision! 

Have you ever visited Slovakia? If yes, did you like it? If not, would you like to visit Slovakia? :)
-Yes, I’ve been to Bratislava and it’s a lovely city. I have some friends from Slovakia and they are always inviting me to visit them. Perhaps I’ll do that soon :) 

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?
-Pozdravy na Slovensko! I wish you all the best! Have fun with the show, enjoy the great music that’s going to be presented and when you watch the show and believe that the Austrian entry song is a good one, vote for me. Hugs from Austria :D 
Thank you for the great interview :) 

Natália, thank you very much for your answers and good luck in Malmö :)


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